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An online journal for women engaging the third third of their lives.

Welcome to The Third Third, an online journal and virtual community for women committed to realizing our most creative, passionate, energetic, and fulfilled selves in the third third of our lives.

Join us — Moms, Daughters, Sisters, Friends — in the thoughtful exploration of what we need to know.

New Perspectives on The Third Third

He Wants to Die at 75
Have you read Ezekiel Emanuel's provocative piece in this  month’s Atlantic magazine,“Why I Hope to Die at 75”? The author is best known (and this is perhaps where the trouble begins) as one of the two high-achieving brothers of Rahm, Obama’s irascibly brilliant first-term White House confidante and now Chicago’s mayor.  In fa...

Ebola in Dallas
Apparently I have a quite effective defense mechanism in the face of relentlessly bad news that allows me to compartmentalize and intellectually and emotionally distance myself from crises others, given their positions, have to face head-on.  It is particularly workable with global crises:  what can I possibly do, anyway, about ISIS?  Or, for that matter,...

Recent Blog Entries

Aging Parents in The Third Third

Our already-complex relationships with our parents can be tested at this time in our lives - and theirs — by mental and physical health issues, financial constraints, your sense of responsibility, their sense of entitlement or fierce independence, and the absence of a roadmap for this part of the journey. Let's talk about what we know, what we're learning, and what we need.
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Health in The Third Third

The greatest gift on this earth. How to keep it. How to handle your body's betrayal. Medical news updates. Reflections.
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Spirituality in The Third Third

Where do you find meaning in life? What is the source of your spiritual longing, or spiritual strength? Are questions of faith on Life's final exam? What are other women thinking, feeling, and doing about their faith at this stage?
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