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An online journal for women engaging the third third of their lives.

Welcome to The Third Third, an online journal and virtual community for women committed to realizing our most creative, passionate, energetic, and fulfilled selves in the third third of our lives.

Join us — Moms, Daughters, Sisters, Friends — in the thoughtful exploration of what we need to know.

New Perspectives on The Third Third

He Wants to Die at 75
Have you read Ezekiel Emanuel's provocative piece in this  month’s Atlantic magazine,“Why I Hope to Die at 75”? The author is best known (and this is perhaps where the trouble begins) as one of the two high-achieving brothers of Rahm, Obama’s irascibly brilliant first-term White House confidante and now Chicago’s mayor.  In fa...

Brain Train
Keep your mind sharp – because there are more than a few charlatans out there preying on it, believing we’ve already slipped enough to fall for their blarney about all those games – Luminosity comes to mind – designed to enhance the way our brain works as we age. They’re not unlike Apple, creating something we didn’t even know we need...

Recent Blog Entries

Retirement in The Third Third

Unlike our mothers before us, we in the third third have choices to make — about where we live, what we do, if we volunteer, our impact on the world, what we want to be called, our financial resources, how long one can remain blond, the importance of our relationships, indeed our very quality of life. Lots to explore and discuss.
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Current Events in The Third Third

If we had some really good political discussions here, I wouldn't object. But until then, comments and stories about the world that engages us every day — the economy, the environment, public education, the media, feminism, war, peace, and health care — everything else that's happening in our lifetime.
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Lifestyle in The Third Third

The Third Third is a newly recognized developmental stage, not unlike adolescence. It is a transitional time, as we move from one age to another (hence the term ?aging?), and it has symptoms, some liberating, some painful. Here we're defining what it means and how we live.
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