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An online journal for women engaging the third third of their lives.

Welcome to The Third Third, an online journal and virtual community for women committed to realizing our most creative, passionate, energetic, and fulfilled selves in the third third of our lives.

Join us — Moms, Daughters, Sisters, Friends — in the thoughtful exploration of what we need to know.

New Perspectives on The Third Third

Will You Be My Mentor? Can I Be Yours?
Women friends of several certain ages (mine, my grown daughters’, and somewhere in between)  gathered recently to discuss the topic Mentoring.  Let me note from the start:  the concept of mentoring annoys me.  I see it as corporate-speak,  an artificial construct designed to integrate and advance people (initially just men, now women, too)...

Older and Wiser?
To attain and/or possess wisdom, according to research cited in a recent piece in the New York Times’ “Retirement” section, one must adroitly maintain positive well-being and kindness in the face of challenges -- even the challenges of aging, including physical decline and death.   Positive well-being in the face of physical decline and death?...

Recent Blog Entries

Aging Parents in The Third Third

Our already-complex relationships with our parents can be tested at this time in our lives - and theirs — by mental and physical health issues, financial constraints, your sense of responsibility, their sense of entitlement or fierce independence, and the absence of a roadmap for this part of the journey. Let's talk about what we know, what we're learning, and what we need.
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Health in The Third Third

The greatest gift on this earth. How to keep it. How to handle your body's betrayal. Medical news updates. Reflections.
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Finance in The Third Third

Life in the Third Third (previously considered Retirement) has generally meant a down-sizing of one's whole world, dictated by decreased income and the loss of economic potential. If you reject this perspective, what do you need to know about money, investing, and the currently debilitated world economy? Even if you don't reject it, what kind of financial decisions are you making?
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